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Marketplace training program

With our marketplace training program, you will learn all the secrets of the most popular sales channels.
You will also understand eveything about order management, advertising and marketing activities on marketplaces.

Shopify training program

Shopify, the easy-to-use, flexible and fully customizable platform, is increasingly chosen to create small to medium-sized online stores.

If you take part in our Shopify training program, we will help you to move easily within the Shopify world.

Formazione Shopify

Magento 2 training program

Your customers expect high-level shopping experiences. Magento 2, can make it a real.

We will help you learning everything about Magento, manage online sales, inventory, prices and orders in total autonomy and manage your multi-channel sales through our all-in-one platform.

Selling online has never been so easy.

WordPress training program

WordPress is a powerful open-source software you can easily use, to create websites, blogs, forums, apps and e-commerce with a limited number of products.

We will show you how simple it is to create attractive pages and you will find out how to move in total autonomy within WordPress.

Formazione WordPress
Formazione Connettori

Connectors training program

Your Warehouse Management System (WMS), talks to the channels you sell on, and this is possible thanks to the automatic synchronization service on a regular time basis.

We will train your team to use connectors the best way within the platform.

Warehouse Management System
training program

We offer innovative retail solutions for every business industry.
Softwares designed to speed up your daily tasks, and communicate perfectly with every e-commerce platform.
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