Integrazione Quick (Teknosis) per Magento 2

Quick is an innovative solution to manage clothing and footwea businesses. It's a software designed to speed up the daily operations of your business. The software has a new database engine that can support simultaneous, local and remote access at the same speed.
Consulting, changing and inserting, become extremely simple and intuitive operations, and thanks to our integration, everything you create or change on Quick, is updated in real-time on your Magento store.

L’integrazione Quick per Magento 2, offre la possibilità di sincronizzare tutte le funzioni che lo contraddistinguono dagli altri gestionali, con il tuo e-commerce Magento al fine di avere il tuo negozio online sempre allineato al magazzino.

Il servizio offerto consiste nell’onboarding completo del canale effettuato da specialisti.

Key Features

Product upload and changes

Thanks to real-time synchronization, everything you create or change on your Quick management panel, is automatically updated in your Magento store.

Products import

Product database, including photos, attributes, price lists and descriptions, can be quickly and automatically imported into Quick.

Orders synchronization

You will never lose one again. All the orders received in your Magento store will be immediately visible in Quick.

Attributes mapping

You can associate Quick TAG with Magento attributes in just a few seconds.

Category classes creation

You can choose the Quick TAG to create each category class in Magento.

Multi Store management

For each Magento view setting, you can associate a different language value of the Quick TAG in order to make your products available in any language you want.

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