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Magento & International

Magento’s exponential growth in the e-commerce industry means that now, more than ever, there are many brands willing to sell internationally.
For growing brands, the idea of selling worldwide is tempting.
However, despite the period of globalization that we are experiencing, it may be a complex and challenging process.

That’s why we are here to help you achieve your mission.

Single Store & Multi Currency

The simplest solution, where possible, is to use the multi-currency product function.

This way, User Experience is fluid and the buyer can browse the online store in different currencies and languages, and easily add products to the cart. We will take care of everything, and you will receive payments in the chosen currency considering that Magento, makes conversions for you.

This architecture is straightforward and you will have to set up just one store. This way it will be easy to sell in different countries. Moreover, not all the apps are compatible, you will not be able to control currency conversion and prices will change over time confusing regular customers.

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Multi Store Architecture

With the multi-store architecture, you can create different stores for each currency and language, and each of these will be identified through a specific URL.


Price and checkout will be different depending on each country's currency. e.g. will be in € and Italian.

This way, you will need to keep more instances for your store. SEO management will be quick and easy,more flexible in terms of content, design, offers, prices, etc...
You will have 100% control. 


Multi language

Once international sales are enabled, it’s time to settle the contents.
It is very important to avoid automatic translations. In order to keep clear your brand's tone of voice , it is recommended to create ad-hoc texts for each of the languages of your store.
You can manage contents in different languages by using the 
multi-store architecture, or apps to set multi languages in single-store.

Language App with Single Store

With this architecture, subfolders are supported. This way you will keep the same domain, followed by the page in the required language.

e.g.,,, etc

You’ll have apps and plug-ins available to translate your website, and you will only have to manage one store.



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